National Farriers week

National Farriers Week

Show your farrier some love!

Trimming hooves and putting shoes on horses is a tough job. Farriers work long hours in the extreme heat and cold doing a dangerous backbreaking job, and there are times it can feel like a thankless profession.

Most of the time it’s enough just knowing you did your best to make horses comfortable and made a good living in the process, but  still, sometimes it’s nice to be recognized for all your hard work.

Well the good folks at American Farriers Journal feel the same way, so they created National Farriers Week now in it’s 15th year.National Farriers Week Logo

What? you’ve never heard of National Farriers Week? well, probably not since American Farriers Journal is an industry trade journal and not widely distributed to anyone other than farriers…so aside from hoofcare professionals, not many people know there is a week set aside to honor them.

Most farriers are too busy working to do self promotion…(It’s hard enough being bent over all day without trying to pat yourself on the back) and that’s why I’m posting it here so that the general public can become aware of  National Farriers Week.

If you have a farrier you would like to recognize for his or her hard work and dedication you can get more information here:







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