How often does my horse need shoes?

One of the most common questions I’m asked about hoof care is how often should the horse be shod.
There is really is no cut and dried answer as to how often a horse needs shoes,
but the average shoeing interval is every six weeks.
That being said, the actual shoeing interval can vary greatly
 depending on a host of conditions.
There are two basic factors that determine shoeing frequency….hoof growth and shoe wear. 
Worn shoes need to be replaced even if there is minimal hoof growth,
and excess hoof growth needs to be trimmed regardless of shoe wear.
Growth rate can vary from one horse to the next, and even from hoof to 
hoof. In fact, some parts of an individual hoof often grow faster than
the rest of the hoof causing an unbalanced condition that requires more 
frequent attention.
Factors that determine how fast a hoof grows include nutrition,age,
genetics, workload and environment,
and all have to be factored in when determining shoeing intervals
And then there’s the subject of shoes…Each type of shoe wears at a different rate, and there are literally hundreds of types to choose from. 
So how do you figure it all out?
Ultimately, you must be the one who decides on hoof care, but working with an experienced and knowledgeable farrier is your best bet to put all the pieces together…someone who will take the time to evaluate your horse and will know how often to shoe your horse based on specific needs.
Working together you will be able to develop a hoof care program designed to ensure
 optimal comfort and long-term soundness for your horse.

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